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Pivotal Big Data Suite

Store Everything, Analyze Anything, Build the Right Thing

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Extract True Business Value From All Your Data

Real-time decision making is critical to business success. Yet data in your enterprise continues to grow exponentially year over year, making analysis more difficult. To turn structured and unstructured data into actionable intelligence, your business needs an effective, smart way to harness Big Data.

Pivotal Big Data solutions help you discover insight from all your data so you can build applications that serve your customers in the context of who they are, where they are, and what they are doing in the moment. Store, manage, and deliver value from fast, massive data sets using the most disruptive set of enterprise data products: MPP and column store databases, in-memory data processing, and Hadoop. Quickly enable data access and control so you can build, deploy, and scale modern enterprise applications at an unprecedented pace.

Our Customers

Leading brands rely on Pivotal to transform them into software companies.


Backed by the world’s largest Hadoop support organization and tested at scale in the 1,000-node Pivotal Analytics Workbench, Pivotal's Hadoop products offer the capabilities of Apache Hadoop in a variety of fully-supported, enterprise-ready distributions.

Pivotal's industry-leading Hadoop products are designed to work within existing SQL environments, include support for modern data lakes architecture, and can co-exist alongside in-memory databases for simultaneous batch and real-time analytic queries.

Analytic Databases

Pivotal utilizes shared-nothing MPP architecture, flexible column and row oriented storage, and fully parallel communication with external databases and Hadoop through its advanced gNet software interconnect technology. This enables Pivotal Greenplum Database customers to achieve 10x, 100x, or even 1000x better performance over traditional RDBMS products.

Organizations can develop deep analytics with their preferred toolsets more rapidly, in languages they know—such as SQL, Python, Ruby, Java, and more. Also available in an easy-to-deploy appliance model, Pivotal delivers the ability for organizations to solve and iterate analytic problems more rapidly than previously thought possible.

& Real-time

Modern data architectures require applications to deal with both structured and unstructured data that needs to be presented to a variety of applications in different formats.

Pivotal GemFire provides a familiar Java interface for interacting with data of arbitrary complexity and shape. Pivotal SQLFire is a real-time distributed data store that solves the hard problems of distributed systems for you. Built on over 10 years of R&D, and the experience of enterprise-class customers, these solutions accommodate ever-growing datasets and users with linear scalability and continuous uptime.


Tackle your most challenging problems. Reveal your greatest opportunities. And build something that has real impact to your business, your people and your customers.

Designed to accelerate data productivity, and help better capitalize on the value of information, these Pivotal products offer advanced query and visualization capabilities to business analysts across wide ranging verticals and use cases.



Visibility creates insight and informs decision making. The right performance and management tools deliver the answers that your business needs.

Pivotal Data Tools provide a magnifying glass to find the proverbial “needle in the haystack” or a single anomaly that created a crisis. Pivotal Data Tools will help you find and expose problems with minimal effects on your systems.

All Pivotal Products

Compete, innovate and execute faster. Pivotal offers a comprehensive portfolio of products that converge apps, data and analytics—along with Pivotal One services and our next-generation PaaS platform, Pivotal CF, powered by Cloud Foundry.

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