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Pivotal Big Data Suite

Changing the Economics of Big Data. Forever.

Store Everything. Analyze Anything.
Build the Right Thing.

The value of Information has increased, so has the business’s thirst for more information. Access to data & collaboration are at the heart of delivering a competitive business.

With the new demands on Big Data, the traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse’s (EDW) approach to storing and analyzing only structured data can cause significant delays to insight and action, which can lead to devastating results.

Pivotal Big Data Suite enables companies to store all data, accelerate processing and most importantly increase the amount of data being analyzed and operationalized within the business – creating actionable insight!

Compare Pivotal Big Data Suite to Your EDW

Store Everything

Pivotal Big Data Suite includes Unlimited Pivotal HD so you can collect all your data types not just structured data. This open subscription enables you to leverage all your data, forever, and place it all in a centralized Business Data Lake.

Analyze Anything

Pivotal Big Data Suite enables your users, developers, and data scientist with a complete suite of data management tools. Unlocking the enterprise and creating flexible real-time, interactive, and batch analytics, Pivotal’s Big Data Suite determines the “integration value” of multiple data sets and types that live in the Business Data Lake.

Build the Right Thing 

With a flexible data infrastructure – Pivotal Business Data Lake – suited for business needs, Pivotal Big Data Suite unlocks insights from information and allows organizations to apply them by building the next Big Data Application through tools like Spring, the most popular Java framework and Pivotal CF, the enterprise Platform-as-a-Service, to impact top line revenue.


Big data analytics and applications have emerged as required foundations for competitive leaders in business. However, every enterprise has different environment, application, and data requirements to achieve their individual transformation. Building these foundations for data management as data growth continues to explode can be complex, tedious, and expensive. Pivotal Big Data Suite is geared towards delivering a bridge to the next generation data infrastructure – The Pivotal Business Data Lake.

Pay for What You Analyze Not What You Store

Only Pivotal offers an unlimited subscription to today’s leading enterprise Hadoop distribution, Pivotal HD. With Pivotal Big Data Suite, unlimited Pivotal HD unshackles enterprises to stretch their Business Data Lake to store everything without fear of runaway license and support costs with explosive data growth.

Customer-Centric Flex Licensing Support

Pivotal Big Data Suite delivers the world’s most advanced, flexible, and friendly big data analytic platform subscription. It includes flexible licensing by processor core, not by data size or data growth. This entitles customers to leverage any mixture of Pivotal’s powerful analytical capabilities, when and where they need it.

Easiest Way to Build a Business Data Lake

Unlike multi-vendor and patchwork heterogeneous solutions, Pivotal has all the required enterprise data management technologies available through one integrated solution. Pivotal Big Data Suite ties leading Big Data technologies together, delivering a unified set of capabilities that benefits from decades of expertise, development, and market leading data management and analytical intelligence.

PIVOTAL Big Data Suite Technology

Companies are concerned about being locked in to the wrong data management technologies before their strategies are well defined. They require flexibility to accommodate new data management and analytics scenarios as they evolve.

Pivotal Big Data Suite represents the most powerful data management technologies collected in a single offering to date. IT teams can introduce an ideal flexible data infrastructure – The Pivotal Business Data Lake – for all and new data sources, allowing existing and expensive EDW infrastructure to reclaim higher value for mission critical workloads, gain patterns and insights from storing larger volumes of data that were not possible before, improve overall query performance and response times and ultimately meet growing business demands.

Pivotal Big Data Suite Includes the Following Technologies:


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Pivotal Big Data Suite - Store Everything. Analyze Anything, Build the right thing.

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