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As a Pivotal One Partner, you are key to delivering agile PaaS and Big Data solutions to our shared customers. Join the Pivotal One Partner Program to try the latest Pivotal software, collaborate on open source development projects, and access the many tools and resources available to our partners.

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Join Forces with the Leader in Enterprise PaaS

Benefit from the marketing power and global brand of Pivotal

By becoming a Pivotal One Partner, you will broaden your reach into the market and get the support of some of the world’s leading names in PaaS and big data. You will be included in the marketing activities of a marketing powerhouse like Pivotal. We recognize our partners as the cornerstone of the Pivotal go-to-market strategy and will support you in a variety of ways:

Joint go to market sales and marketing efforts

Participation in Pivotal events

Greater visibility towards the data scientist community

Publication of joint references on the Pivotal website

Worldwide Access to EMC Enterprise Briefing Centers

Access to technical support

Pivotal One Partners form a crucial part in Pivotal's go-to-market strategy. By becoming part of this fast-growing ecosystem, you can capitalize on teaming with the industry’s thought leader in PaaS and big data.

Featured Partners


Pivotal is a proud reseller of Alpine Chorus, the industry’s first application to allow machine learning to scale to more people and more data. Cloud-based, collaborative and easy-to-use, Alpine Chorus provides an array of functionality for working with data, from modeling to visualizing to analysis. Alpine Chorus provides a single environment where people, data and projects can be managed, secured and visible to the business leaders who see big data as critical to innovation and market leadership.

As it is the foundation of the Alpine Chorus commercial offering, Alpine Data Labs also manages the OpenChorus Project, an open source productivity platform that enables data and business teams to collaborate by self-provisioning workspaces on-the-fly to create and share insights. Find out more on GitHub @

Gartner recently positioned the company as an innovative player in its Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms. Customers have adopted Alpine Chorus to break through the barriers that have traditionally made Big Data Analytics a compromise. Alpine Chorus’ free trial is available @


Pivotal Chorus becomes the public access point to Kaggle’s community of 55,000 data scientists

Pivotal and Kaggle have joined forces to tackle the short supply and heavy demand for data scientists with an integration between the Kaggle data science community and Pivotal Chorus, the platform for data science.

Chorus users wishing to engage the Kaggle community can search, browse, and drill into profiles of the Kaggle community members who are interested in collaborating. Conversely, Kaggle’s community of over 55,000 data scientists can choose to opt into doing contract work through the Pivotal Chorus platform. This integration transforms the way Pivotal Chorus users to get assistance with their Big Data problems. It also allows Kaggle’s elite data scientists to expand the market for their highly-sought-after skills.

The Kaggle and Chorus integration brings a new dimension by expanding the opportunity for the industry to realize the benefits of collaborating around Big Data and for elite data scientists to expand the market for their skills.

Learn more about The OpenChorus Project.


Open data help developers innovate faster

Factual aims to be the ubiquitous data layer on the web that leverages large-scale data aggregation and community exchange to create high value datasets for application developers. Factual focuses on making more data accessible for machines and developers, to drive and accelerate innovation in an unprecedented way. Factual provides clean, structured data with complete source transparency to developers via both download and API access. Factual aggregates data from many sources including partners, user community and the web, and applies a sophisticated machine-learning technology stack to:

  • Extract both unstructured and structured data from millions of inputs
  • Clean, standardize and canonicalize the data
  • Merge, de-dupe, and map entities across online and offline sources

About Factual

Factual takes the dirty work out of data management and data curation, letting developers focus on higher value and more productive tasks. Factual customers include Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, ATTi, Newsweek and many more.

Learn more at


Combining unique individual-level online data and enterprise data warehousing technology

The tag-free solution from Celebrus Technologies (formerly Speed-Trap) provides complete and detailed data, in real-time, on every individual online visitor’s current and previous interactions with your websites, mobile and rich-media apps, YouTube and Facebook.

Celebrus customers integrate this data into their customer and business intelligence programmes and work with our partners to:

  • Build a single customer view and deepen customer intelligence
  • Drive truly personalised email marketing programmes
  • Adapt website content in real-time for each visitor
  • Optimise promotions and offers for individual customers
  • Measure the real value of their marketing investments
  • Improve the online customer experience

The business results they see include:

  • Increased revenue per customer and lifetime value
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Heightened brand loyalty
  • Cost savings and channel optimisation

Learn more at

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Pivotal's Global Partner Program brings together the industry's leading infrastructure, consulting, and technology providers. Our partners and their offerings enhance the Pivotal product suite - and our cost-effective, fast, massively scalable database enhances them further. Our joint customers receive the solutions and support needed to maximize their return on investment and maximize the value of their data.

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We are pleased to announce the launch of Pivotal Academy for Partners!

We want to inspire our partners, accelerate their time to insight and enable them to broaden their reach into the market by providing a full portfolio of education products.

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