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Pivotal App Suite

Build and run mobile, web and big data applications at cloud scale.

The nature of applications is changing and a fundamentally different approach to application infrastructure is required. Your organization must optimize for modern applications—dynamic, mobile and web-based applications that produce big data in real time.

With a data-oriented approach, Pivotal App Suite is an ideal solution to meet your users’ demands for modern applications. The lightweight runtime elements in Pivotal App Suite allow for rapid scalability without over-provisioning and let your applications handle dynamic and unpredictable spikes in traffic, as well as incorporate social media and new data types. Your enterprise can simply and rapidly scale out on private cloud, public cloud and bare metal infrastructure, eliminating many of the complexities of deploying and supporting today’s applications.

The comprehensive Pivotal App Suite provides a proven runtime platform for your applications built on Spring IO. Whether you need developer-focused capabilities such as integration with the Spring Tool Suite (STS), deep application performance visibility with the Spring Insight capability of Pivotal tc Server, Spring AMQP to incorporate Pivotal RabbitMQ messaging, or the Spring Data to simplify access to practically any modern database, or Spring XD to process realtime events from IoT, logs or mobile apps and persist them into Pivotal Big Data Suite, you will find a host of capabilities that make Pivotal App Suite the best place to build and run your Spring applications. In addition, Pivotal App Suite comes with support for Spring applications deployed into production.


Application Infrastructure Based on Proven Open Source Technologies

Application Framework

Build more functionality in less time with Spring, the world’s most popular application development framework, with over 8 million developers worldwide.

Application Server

Run Java applications in Pivotal tc Server, a drop-in replacement for Apache Tomcat that includes monitoring, session caching and Hibernate caching.

Message Broker

Speed up, scale out and integrate applications using RabbitMQ, the popular message broker behind many popular online services.

Data Cache

Infuse applications with realtime data using Redis, an incredibly fast, flexible and easy to use data cache.

Web Server

Deliver web content quickly and securely at scale with Pivotal Web Server, based on the popular Apache HTTP Server.

High Productivity

Use modular components that are familiar to your team and easily incorporated into app development projects.


Deploy with the confidence to later migrate to Pivotal CF, which incorporates many of the components in Pivotal App Suite. Pivotal CF includes support for Spring, has a tc Server buildpack as well as a Java buildpack that incorporates Apache Tomcat, and has RabbitMQ and Redis services that easily bind to apps running on PCF.


Grow your app infrastructure using lightweight, easily managed components that power some of the world’s largest applications.

Flex Licensing

Pivotal App Suite includes flexible licensing by processor core. This entitles customers to leverage any mixture of App Suite components, when and where they need it.


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