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Pivotal RabbitMQ

Make Handling Message Traffic Virtually Effortless

User applications such as financial market data, system monitoring, business-process integration, and more recently the large-scale consumer web—big data, cloud, mobile, and social apps—commonly use messaging to deliver data safely and at scale. Messaging enables your software applications and services to connect to each other as components of a larger-scale application and to incorporate data from users, devices, and data streams. Messaging is asynchronous, decoupling applications by separating sending and receiving data to improve scalability, flexibility, and the customer experience.

Pivotal RabbitMQ™ is a messaging broker that serves as an intermediary for messaging. It gives your applications a common platform to send and receive messages, and your messages a safe place to live until received. Emerging as the de facto standard for cloud messaging, Pivotal RabbitMQ is used for efficient communication between servers, applications, and devices. It creates lasting value by enabling rapid development of modern decentralized application and data architectures that can scale with your business needs.

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PIVOTAL RabbitMQ Features

Deploy Messaging That Scales with Your Business Needs

A leader among a new generation of tools that are internal to and fundamental to modern applications, Pivotal RabbitMQ is a fast and dependable open source message server that supports a wide range of use cases, including reliable integration, content-based routing and global data delivery, and high-volume monitoring and data ingestion. It implements Enterprise Integration Patterns such as guaranteed data delivery, nonblocking operations, push notifications, publish and subscribe, and work queues to enable scalable asynchronous processing. Pivotal RabbitMQ is easy to set up, easy to use, easy to extend, and easy to integrate with existing architectures. At the same time, it is operationally robust for mission-critical data delivery. Pivotal RabbitMQ runs on all major operating systems and supports all popular developer platforms, frameworks, and languages. The solution includes the following advantages:

  • Adopt a Proven and Stable Platform for Integration and Interoperability –Like traditional messaging middleware and enterprise service bus (ESB) software based on Java Messaging Service (JMS), Pivotal RabbitMQ can connect Java applications and components. But unlike JMS-based messaging, Pivotal RabbitMQ can connect applications and components built using completely different technologies, such as connecting a Spring-based Java application to one written in .NET’s C# language, a Python application to Amazon Web Services (AWS), or a Ruby app to a REST web service. A native Java API is available, as well as that provided by the Spring-AMQP project, which brings the familiar Spring programming model, including a listener container.
  • Scale Reliably with Pivotal RabbitMQ – Messaging provides distinct advantages when used within individual application components, in addition to its traditional use to connect applications to external services. Without messaging inside an application, a bottleneck in any part of an application will slow the entire app down. Likewise an application without internal messaging cannot be efficiently scaled. Pivotal RabbitMQ can decouple application components so that an application is no longer bound by its slowest component, and components can work asynchronously and independently.

    Efficient scaling becomes possible at the developer level when a developer can rewrite an application component containing a bottleneck and replace it without affecting other components within the application. Efficient scaling is also possible when administrators can clone those application components that need scale-up without having to clone the entire application. Pivotal RabbitMQ provides an approach to application architecture that is a fundamentally different type of messaging software: one that is lightweight enough to embed throughout an application, easy enough to be adopted by many developers across many teams, and flexible enough to integrate heterogeneous application components and systems. Messaging is critical in cloud-based applications built on pools of shared infrastructure. Pivotal RabbitMQ is specifically designed to scale and operate in such environments, making it the cloud messaging technology of choice.
  • Free Developers to Be Productive at Speed – Pivotal RabbitMQ has a small disk and memory footprint, a straightforward API with drivers available for multiple languages, support for all major operating systems and developer platforms, and a language-independent wire-level protocol that enables integration of components built in Java, .NET, Python, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, and many other languages or web services.

    Unlike costly, proprietary messaging technologies, Pivotal RabbitMQ implements several open standards for messaging. It is the leading implementation of the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) and it also supports a full range of Internet protocols for more lightweight messaging — including HTTP, HTTPS, WebSockets, MQTT, and STOMP. This capability enables communication with nearly any imaginable type of application, component, or service.

    Pivotal RabbitMQ supports a wide range of messaging patterns, including point-to-point, persistent queues, durable subscribers, large-scale publish-subscribe, multicast, topic routing, content routing, RPC, and more. RabbitMQ is fully extensible via a plug-in mechanism to meet the needs of any use case and application environment. Pivotal provides full support for your existing open source RabbitMQ deployment, or you can use the Pivotal commercial edition of RabbitMQ with JMS support and other extensions included.

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