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Pivotal tc Server

Innovate with a Powerful Apache Tomcat–Compatible Server

To provide consumer-grade Java applications, you need an application server that maximizes performance, scales easily, and minimizes cost and overhead. The ideal Java application server accelerates development and is compatible with the open standards of today and the cloud infrastructures of tomorrow.

Pivotal tc Server provides companies with a secure, supported, and extended Java application server based on and fully-compatible with Apache Tomcat. Many companies are attracted by the simplicity and performance of Tomcat but must balance that simplicity with the responsibility of running large server farms hosting mission-critical applications. Pivotal tc Server strikes that balance for both development and operations teams by including optional extensions and packages that facilitate installation, maintenance, upgrade, and performance management, without breaking the essential qualities that make Tomcat so popular.

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PIVOTAL tc Server Features

Pivotal tc Server contains all of vanilla Tomcat 7 and Tomcat 8, and has a few optional extensions designed to make it easier to deploy and maintain. Broken out into three groups, highlighted differences include:

Configuration Extensions

These changes do not involve any code alterations, they are strictly configuration options present in Tomcat that we implement.

  • Multi-instance support using shared binaries - makes upgrading and downgrading the Tomcat version trivially easy for one or many instances – so you can keep your servers up to date and secure.
  • Variable substation in configuration files – enables a single configuration to be rolled out to many instances in a farm and enhances consistency
  • Asynchronous Logging – Prevents application slowdowns due to log file contention
  • Security Tuning – some basic changes to ports and JMX monitoring access

Code Extensions

Additional functionality provided by Pivotal to enhance Tomcat.

  • Back-ported bug fixes in maintenance releases - e.g. tomcat-7.0.32.B.RELEASE
  • Diagnostics Valve - detailed troubleshooting info in real time when apps become slow to respond
  • Configuration Templates – including ability to create custom templates
  • Change Tomcat log level via JMX without restarting
  • Advanced Session replication with Redis and GemFire
  • Oracle Database Connection Proxy - Multiple applications can share a connection while maintaining individual connection identities

Included Add-Ons and Additional Utilities

  • Improved Windows Service Wrapper
  • RPM / APT-GET / Debian installers for Linux
  • Startup scripts for Linux
  • Chef Recipes
  • Puppet Scripts
  • Hosted Maven repository with easily-embedded Pivotal tc Server
  • Password encryption for database connection identities
  • Spring Insight for Developers and Operations

Pivotal tc Server includes Spring Insight, which provides unmatched visibility into the thread-level execution of Spring-powered applications for both developers and operators. Built into both the developer and production editions of tc Server, Spring Insight traces and visualizes threads of execution in real time.

A powerful tool for developers, Spring Insight Developer provides immediate feedback as to whether code is behaving as intended. This visibility extends into Spring, Hibernate, and other frameworks—showing developers how their code interacts with and invokes underlying framework services. Immediate feedback accelerates developers and empowers them to write more efficient code.

Spring Insight Operations brings the same level of visibility to administrators who monitor and tune applications in quality assurance and production environments. Trace information from multiple tc Servers is combined and presented in a unified dashboard, enabling administrators to see which production applications on which servers are not running satisfactorily. Administrators can then quickly gather the trace-level detail needed to communicate effectively with development teams and pinpoint issues.


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