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Pivotal would like to thank EMC and VMware who currently support the delivery of our courses.

Data Suite


This comprehensive course will provide competent Java Developers with the skills necessary to exploit the extended Capabilities of Pivotal HD, “The world’s most powerful Apache Hadoop distribution”. The course commences with a grounding in the relevant core technologies:

  • Big/Fast data, NoSQL, and their role in modern Business applications
  • Background on Hadoop and the significance of the Pivotal HD distribution
  • Introduction to GemFire and SQLFire, distributed cache technologies

Willingness to participate in a demanding, high intensity training experience. Comfort with Java programming and data technologies is a plus. Must have basic understanding of virtualization concepts.

Intended Audience
Engineers and Architects


This course is designed to give the student hands-on experience with the Pivotal products related to performing Pivotal Data Science projects. Given the diverse and varying nature of customer implementations this course will focus on the main aspects of a Data Science project within Pivotal: Pivotal Greenplum DB, pSQL, MADlib, GPText, PivotalHD, HAWQ, PivotalR, pyMADlib with extra units covering Alpine Chorus and Visualization. Students are introduced to the need for big, fast data and its role in modern business applications; The course will provide hands on experience using Pivotal Greenplum DB, pSQL, MADlib, GPText, Apache Hadoop, Pivotal HD, HAWQ, Alpine Chorus, PivotalR, PL/R, pyMADlib, PL/Python, and several visualization tools such as Gephi, D3, and Tableau. This course will introduce and use, but does not include extensive training on, pSQL, R, Python. Further, this course will provide attendees with an opportunity to explore several intense Data Science projects that have been converted into extensive Data Science exercises. This course does not teach Installation, Configuration, and Management of any of the products.


  • Willingness to participate in demanding, high-intensity training experience
  • Comfort with data analytic technologies a plus (Statistics, mathematics, machine learning, SQL, R, Python)

Intended Audience

  • Experienced data analysts and data engineers willing to work hard to achieve superior Pivotal Data Science skills.
  • Anyone else who wants to learn about data science using the Pivotal product stack.


This course will provide the information needed to install, Configure, and manage the Greenplum Database System. Students are introduced to:

  • Greenplum environment, consisting of the Greenplum Database and supported systems.
  • Fundamental concepts on data warehousing, business intelligence and how Greenplum helps to solve business problems in managing and analyzing Big Data.

Students will install, configure and manage the Greenplum Database System by evaluating logical models and business requirements to determine the best physical design for a Greenplum Database.

Basic UNIX or Linux command line navigation and Administration skills. Database query language basics, including, but not limited to basic SQL knowledge for accessing database objects. Must know fundamental relational database concepts.

Intended Audience
Database team (Administrators and Architects) preparing to install, deploy or design the Greenplum Database system. Database Professionals new to an existing Greenplum Environment. Those who will administrate or manage a Greenplum Database.


This course provides a hands-on practitioner’s approach to the techniques and tools required for analyzing Big Data. It is designed to enable students to:

  • Become an immediate contributor on a data science team
  • Assist reframing a business challenge as an analytics challenge
  • Deploy a structured life cycle approach to data analytics problems
  • Apply appropriate analytic techniques and tools to analyze big data
  • Tell a compelling story with the data to drive business action and Postgres
  • Prepare for EMC Proven Professional Data Scientist Certification

Coursework focused on concepts and principles applicable to any technology environment and industry with no prerequisite skill set.

Enterprise PaaS


This course provides students with the concepts and hands-on experience needed to work with and deploy applications on Cloud Foundry. Students will gain familiarity in CF concepts (applications, buildpacks, manifests, organizations, spaces, users, roles, domains, routes, services), how to push applications to CF (various languages), services, user provided services, manifests, YAML, environment variables, autoconfiguration, logging and loggregator.


  • Basic IT/computer science knowledge
  • High-level familiarity with web application architecture, from either a developer or administrator’s perspective.

Intended Audience

  • Developers
  • Administrators


Application Framework


Our flagship Spring Framework training! Students build a Spring-powered Java application that demonstrates the Spring Framework and other Spring technologies like Spring AOP and Spring Security in an intensely productive, hands-on setting.

Experience with developing enterprise Java applications.

Intended Audience
Developers and Architects


This comprehensive three day course will give you an update on the new features introduced in the Spring Framework 3.x versions. Additional to that, you will also get an overview of the latest changes in some of the other Spring projects and also a quick look at the Spring Framework 4 including the Java 8 support. Topics include:

  • Annotation and Java based Spring configurations
  • Concurrency and scheduling
  • New Spring features in a Servlet 3.x container
  • Advanced Spring MVC configuration (XML and Java)
  • Spring MVC out of container testing
  • Spring Security 3
  • REST Web Services with Spring MVC
  • Data Access with Spring (Spring Data)
  • Spring 4 and Java 8
  • Introduction to Spring Boot

Basic Linux system administration experience. Prior Hadoop experience is not required.

Intended Audience
Spring Developers who want to learn about the new features of Spring 3.x and also get an overview of Spring 4.


Learn the latest in web application development. This hands-on training teaches you how to apply the latest Spring technologies to create enterprise web applications.

Experience with developing enterprise Java applications. Our Core Spring course is recommended.

Intended Audience
Developers and Architects


Led by Pivotal authorized Spring experts who will discuss the most important topics and technologies related to enterprise application integration. This hands-on training teaches you how to apply Spring technologies to solve integration problems.

Experience with developing enterprise Java applications. Our Core Spring course is recommended.

Intended Audience
Developers and Architects


This is an intensive training presented in detail. After a thorough introduction to the technology, students are taken through many advanced aspects of the Groovy programming language and the Grails Web application framework. This training is designed to quickly move teams beyond the basics and on to the most powerful aspects of Groovy & Grails. Students should expect intensive, hands-on interactive lab work.

Experience with developing enterprise Java applications.

Intended Audience
Developers and Architects


Learn how to create effective data-driven Spring applications with Hibernate. This course shows the use of both XML and annotation based configuration of both Spring and Hibernate.

Must be able to create basic Java web applications. Must also have a basic understanding of JDBC and relational database concepts.

Intended Audience
Developers interested in using Hibernate with Spring


Get a step-by-step introduction to the standards based Apache Tomcat application server. The course begins with Apache Tomcat installation and configuration. It continues with advanced deployment strategies, advanced configuration and troubleshooting. Each module to accompanied by lab exercises that provide hands-on experience.

Basic System Administration capabilities.

Intended Audience
System Administrators who want to install, configure, and monitor their web infrastructure. Architects who are deploying Apache Tomcat in enterprise environments.


This intensive three day, instructor-led course in RabbitMQ provides a deep dive into how to install, configure, and develop applications which leverage RabbitMQ messaging. The course begins with RabbitMQ installation and general configuration. It continues with developing messaging applications using the Java APIs, and delves into more advanced topics including clustering, high availability, performance, and security. Modules are accompanied by lab exercises that provide hands-on experience.

Knowledge of Core Java or any enterprise programming language.

Intended Audience
Developers, Architects and Administrators


This intensive, instructor-led course provides in depth training in how to install, configure and monitor GemFire applications. The course begins with GemFire installation and general configuration. It continues with using the GemFire APIs to develop Java applications. The course also delves into more advanced deployment strategies and advanced configuration. Modules are accompanied by lab exercises that provide hands-on experience.

Good working knowledge of the Java Language.

Intended Audience
Developers and Architects

Pivotal Professional Certifications put you at the top of your game

Pivotal Educators raise the bar for industry education and are innovators of tech knowledge. We benefit from our open source heritage which comes from ongoing support of EMC and VMware. Plus, our instructors are equipped with cutting edge resources and expertise to deliver the latest skill-sets to their students.

We make it easy to accomplish your vision for a successful future.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists transform the technology landscape!
We depend on these thought leaders to revolutionize our future!

Data Science is the process of obtaining actionable insights into complex business systems from large, heterogeneous data sets. Data Science courses will teach you skills drawn from disciplines such as: statistics, machine learning, data management, computer administration and implementation.

Our coursework provides a clear understanding of the diverse skill-sets that are leveraged in the field of data science. We'll show you how the future of the successful business enterprise relies upon the information gleaned from the technology landscape. This training path includes:

  • Introduction to Big Data Analytics
  • Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Data Platform Engineer

Pivotal is proud to have the industry's largest Hadoop support team and most accomplished Hadoop talents!

Apache Hadoop and all its flavors of distributions are the hottest technologies on the market. It is fundamentally changing how we store, use and share data. We will show you how our solution, Pivotal HD, is a more complete offering with support for Big Data, Fast Data, Rapid Application Development and Platform flexibility.

The Hadoop training experiences provide opportunities for you to:

  • Become familiar with the framework that allows for distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of commodity servers.
  • Discover how diverse data can be processed and stored.
  • Build complex and powerful data processing applications.
  • GemFire and SQLFire, in-memory datagrids.

Spring Application Developer

Optimize your opportunities to develop by learning from the best!

What is the most popular application development framework for Enterprise Java? Spring! In early 2000, Rod Johnson created the Spring Framework, followed by the founding of SpringSource. Over the years SpringSource made several acquisitions and expanded into a well-integrated Spring ecosystem.

SpringSource is now a part of Pivotal!

Today, 78 % of enterprise developers use Spring because it makes it easy to integrate security models, databases, web services and messaging systems into applications that can be deployed and thrive within any Java environment. It also allows them to deliver projects twice as fast.

This course training path will teach you about:

  • The Spring Framework
  • Groovy
  • Grails
  • RabbitMQ
  • Other Spring projects such as: Spring Security and Spring Batch

Pivotal Administrator for PaaS, GPDB and Hadoop

To be relevant and stay competitive in the "Cloud Era" depends on knowledge of Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Learn why PaaS offers real advantages for developers making it easier to deploy, run and scale applications. In this training offering, you will learn about:

  • Apache Tomcat and Pivotal tc Server: the best place to build and run Java Spring applications. Pivotal tc Server provides enterprise users with the lightweight server they want paired with the operational management, advanced diagnostics and mission-critical support capabilities businesses need.
  • Greenplum Database platform architecture, administration and implementation.
  • Cloud Foundry, our open PaaS offering.
  • Hadoop platform architecture, administration and implementation.

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